Now the Airlines are EVIL! A PANDEMIC! FEAR!

We love a villain. Something to unite against. And the media will always feed us something, even if said villain is no villain.

First, Muslims. (Terror! I’ll ban Muslims.)

Recently, the police.

Now the airlines.

Up next, my prediction: TEACHERS.

In our society, one in which everyone is entitled to the best of everything all the time–my cell phone didn’t work for five minutes. I demand a refund–we’re all victims.

Had to wait in line at the DMV? And they were rude!?


An airline wasn’t 100% nice to you? They treated you like you were on a bus? And you paid $100 to fly through the air like a bird? How awful. They should be sued.


A teacher punished or spoke harshly to a student?


What a weak society. We ask and ask. But what do we contribute? All we do is consume. Want. Desire. Demand. Complain.

“But I’m a hard-working American.”

Eh . . . I’d say a small percentage of America actually works hard. We all claim it on our Twittergram accounts. But we usually do that at work.

I’m calling it: Teachers are next.

Breaking news: Teacher takes away cell phone, violating student rights.

The daytime TV windbags will recall all the horror stories from their childhood school days–all the details, misremembered and magnified to sate our sugar- and sodium- and conflict-loving society.

We love to hate things we’ve agreed to hate.

My teacher bullied me.

Three or four months, the media will need to move on. It’ll be teachers.

At least our horse-blinded media will give our police a break for a bit.


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Drunk in the Warm Glow


Now the Airlines are EVIL! A PANDEMIC! FEAR!

One thought on “Now the Airlines are EVIL! A PANDEMIC! FEAR!

  1. Food for thought. Teachers have been the bad guy for a long time, however. You know how you live in that big house and drive that fancy care on tax payers dime. I could see it though, the other half of the country also evilizing teachers for the reasons you mentioned.


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