Writing Prompt: Post Your Best “I Am” Poetry Lines

Hey, everyone (or no one, depending on who sees this),

I haven’t written on here because I forgot how to type. That or I forgot about my website.

News: I’m about five thousand words from finishing my newest novel, Terminal Clarity. 


So, here’s the deal for today’s prompt. Write a bunch of poetic-ish lines that start with “I am.” These should be metaphorical, such as:

  • I am the sticky popsicle stick stubbornly stuck to the bottom of the bedside tin garbage can.
  • I am the left sneaker, laced to my partner, the right sneaker, doomed to an eternity dangling from Main Street’s phone line.
  • I am the skydiving white bird poo, thrilled for the impending splatter on the most expensive open convertible in the entire executive parking lot.

You get the idea. They are all metaphors, and I’m taking the perspective of them. Brilliant, huh? No? Yeah, you’re right. Not so brilliant. But it’s a good exercise.

In the comments section, post your best “I AM” line. If you have a few good ones, post ’em all. The more the merrier, fellow humans.

Random quote for you: “The worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades.” —Demetri Martin

Have a lovely Tuesday.


Writing Prompt: Post Your Best “I Am” Poetry Lines