Book Coming Out + Lion King + Awesome Little Things

Hey, you,

First, A & U Magazine published a story I wrote. Click here to read it. The magazine print version is also available where people sell magazines and shiny paper-things.

Second, I wrote a book called Mind the Gap. It’ll be released 6/6/2016 (that’s next Monday ). It’ll be available electronically & in print. Click here to check out the page.

Another book I wrote, a novel called Drunk in the Warm Glow, is forthcoming this fall from Creators Publishing. It has words in it. Thousands.

Third, Lion King on Broadway. Amazing. See it. Pay whatever they ask. Sell your pets and friend(s) and children. Or don’t. Whatever. It’s your life.

Fourth, details. A lot of shitty shit happens like . . . always. Right now, bad things are happening. But good things happen, too. It’s true–I looked it up on the internet. The politicians, news, online people–they tend to eat up the bad. However, good stuff does happens. Like when a family of ducks crosses highway 45, and both sides of traffic stop, as if a school bus were picking up a child. These are awesome little things.

Think of an awesome little things (as many as you want), and post it below.

Here are mine:

  1. Ladyfriend and I rode bikes to a grocery store to buy dead plants (aka veggies). On the way, the smell of freshly-cut grass was everywhere. It even covered the smell of eyeless, rotting sheephead near the water.
  2. Put on a new white t-shirt. Amazing. No tags, either. And! it smells like happy, even though it probably wasn’t made in a happy situation.
  3. On my bike, I was being awesome (naturally) and I bunny-hopped a curb, and then tried cutting a corner, and I leaned too far. My pedal scraped against the cement. A chunk flew off, but I corrected myself and pedaled on. (I probably did a backflip in there, too.) Didn’t fall or anything. In fact, I probably looked badass. Hopefully someone got that on their camcorder or cell phone or whatever people use. My point: I screwed up and almost threw my face at the cement. Instead: pure awesomeness. (I want to type awesimity, but it doesn’t look right, and it isn’t a word.)
  4. My house was hot. My friend texted me: “Wanna swim?” I nodded and drove to his house on the lake. The lake water was cool and filled with my friends and boats and poles stuck in the water with bottles atop them. Dead fish were washed up on the shore, but the smell of freshly-cut grass covered that smell and the stank of Lake Winneseptic.
  5. OH! I’ll be out of the country here and there this summer. Found out my new carrier–Ting–has a simple, flat-rate system for overseas calls, data, & messaging. In otherwords, they simplified my life by being open and straightforward. Awesome. Small. And a thing.

What are a few of yours?

Book Coming Out + Lion King + Awesome Little Things

19 thoughts on “Book Coming Out + Lion King + Awesome Little Things

  1. Renee says:

    1.) When you wake up (late, would be even better) and your hair already looks like you spent an hour on it or went to the salon or something, and then I don’t have to waste my time getting ready.
    2.) When it’s one of those days where your makeup effortlessly takes 5 minutes and it turns out PERFECT (but you know you’ll never be able to do that ever again so you have to wear it as long as possible to get as much out of it as you can).
    3.) When you wake up to freshly made blue berry muffins or waffles or pancakes or anything.
    4.) When you arrive at school looking (and probably feeling) like you got hit by a bus, and your friend shows up with surprise Starbucks. Best. Day. Ever.
    5.) That feeling you get when you drop your phone and it’s about to fall onto the concrete sidewalk and probably shatter into a million pieces, but you save it somehow with an awesome catch and you just feel this instant relief, and have to sit down for a second because your life almost ended.
    6.) When your grade goes from a D+ to a B- and you have NO clue what you did or how you did it.
    7.) When you’re in the Starbucks drive thru and have to dig for your gift card, and you get to the window to find out the car in front of you put your order on their bill.


    1. 5) I love this one. It’s the best when you catch it above water, especially a toilet. In that moment, the phone’s life flashes in front of my eyes–all the trips, memories, photos, games–and, bam. Caught it. Feel invincible.


  2. James Fryman says:

    I hope this isn’t just me and my destructive nature, but I get so excited when it is just cold enough outside and you find one of those super shallow puddles that are frozen over, but still hollow underneath. I swear it is the best feeling ever to just stomp on those and hear that perfectly amazing empty cracking sound.

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    1. Then we’re both desctructive. I like this, too. Sometimes I pretend I’m stepping onto a huge lake, and when it spidercracks, I stop and act like I’m about to fall into a huge lake.

      Maybe tonight I’ll put some water in ice cube trays. Wait until they are almost frozen, then poke ’em.


  3. Anonymous says:

    A truck pulls up my driveway, it’s UPS. I’ve waited a month for these to be delivered. I run outside and grab the box. It’s my Doc. Martens. Opening the box, I get a whiff of that brand new suede smell along with cardboard. But, that’s not even the best part. Being anxious before you put them on for the first time. Are they going to fit? And as soon as you get them on and they fit, you’re ecstatic.

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    1. Love the smell of new shoes, especially leather. Doc Martens=undescructable. I think I still have a pair that my 7th grade girlfriend bought me. (And they still fit. That means I stopped growing in 7th grade. Not sure if that’s embarrassing or not.)


  4. Anonymous says:

    1. I was going through the starbucks drive through and got up to the window and the woman told me that the person in front of me paid my bill
    2. There was a spider crawling across my windshield while I was driving so I pulled over, killed it and felt so accomplished after it
    3. I went to Mt. Olympus and there was no one in line for the rollercoaster so me and my friend got to go on right away
    4. I woke up after having a stuffy nose and sore throat for 4 days and I wasn’t sick at all anymore
    5. Went through the green light right before it turned yellow


  5. J.M. says:

    Around the age of 10, I went shopping at the mall with my elder sister. We roamed around for a few hours and stopped by Dollar Tree, which existed back then. Looking around I saw this black
    head-band with a small polka dotted bow on it. “How nice” I thought. My sister comes up to me, “Stay here, I’ll be back in a sec.” just leaving me in the dollar store. I suddenly got the chills of being left behind so I followed her. Apparently, she was headed to A & A Buffet’s bathroom since it was near. After she came out, she looked at me strangely enough, “Uhhh, how’d you get that?” I still had the head-band in my hands. I was telling her I’d return it back, but she was against me since I already took it, mine as well take it. Now that’s rich coming from someone who “used to” shoplift herself. My first accidental “attempt” at shoplifting wasn’t hard. Haha

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  6. kyle malzhan says:

    1. I have a softball game tonight. Men’s slow pitch softball. We are that team everyone hates. We are the youngest team, we’re good (run ruling almost every game), and running our mouths is what we do best. We probably shouldn’t be proud, but there’s nothing better than seeing 40 year old drunk men mad because they’re losing.
    2. It’s almost time to say peace out Fondy High. I graduate next week. Out of the 2,000 kids I see every day here, I may only see 10 again & I am more than okay with that.
    3. The Cubs finally don’t want to make me poke each one of my eyeballs out. They are actually fun to watch. Instead of losing 100 games they’re on pace to win 110 games. Speaking of that, I’m spending the 4th of July down at Wrigley with my lady friend. Going to watch a game and then watch fireworks after in Chicago.


  7. Devin B. says:

    Awesome little thing: I have a pool in my backyard, lots of trees lots of shade. Unfortunately the sun is only in its prime during certain times of the day (Due to the abundance of trees). My best friend came over, and since it was a beautiful day we wanted to swim and do a little tanning afterward. I don’t tan very well thanks to the large amount of Irish DNA in me. All year round no matter how much sun I get, I am as white as fresh snow.
    After swimming for about an hour we headed to a friends house to get some memorial day cotton candy. A very popular house during Halloween because they usually handed out fresh cotton candy to any kid (or adult) who was dressed up. Anyway after that we had headed back to my house to do some tanning. I called the only long tanning chair, so my friend settled for the deck. We got all set up and turned on some music. I decided after every other song we would flip, that way we don’t burn. Sadly for my friend, as time passed she got less and less sun. I on the other hand, had the most perfect spot in my entire backyard. I tanned a little, but just the warmth of the sun in the best place on my deck was enough to make me happy.


  8. Jorge Lopez says:

    1) When you turn down Scott street and your really in a rush and the first thing you see is a train blocking you from the other side, But before you can turn around you see the end of the train and can stay on the route you took.
    2) When you come back from a amazing weekend with all your friends at a music festival and the next day you get back to school you realize you only have 6 days of High school left.
    3) When you wake up without a struggle and don’t have to battle the urge to stay in bed for a couple more hours and you just have a kick ass morning.
    4) When you leave your backpacks out at your campsite at a music festival and everyone’s bag gets stolen except yours.

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  9. Michael N. says:

    Got 1st place in an arcade tournament and received a nice prize (cash) out of it.

    Ate some ice cream on a hot sunny day (although most of it had melted, it was still good).

    I was playing a game and thought that I was going to die, but somehow I ended up killing the entire opposing team instead (and also got mvp for it).

    Went to a barbecue next to the lake. I was reluctant to go since I wasn’t a big fan of the “fishy” smell. But the smell of the barbecue overpowered the smell of fish.

    I was bored at home, so my uncle and my cousins invited me to play football with them.


  10. Nicole says:

    1) After an early morning workout, the shower is amazing.
    1a) Also after said workout you don’t have the urge for coffee anymore
    2) Kitty cuddles and human cuddles in the morning.
    3) Hearing your old favorite song on the radio after not hearing it for what seems like years but you still know all the lyrics.
    4) Writing in a brand new notebook for the first time.
    4a) Writing on a perfectly clean chalkboard… the chalk looks amazing.
    5) Hearing a baby laugh.
    6) All breakfast food. “There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.” Ron Swanson
    7) Hearing other people quote Spongebob, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Scrubs, The Office.

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