I need one of those speed-bags boxers use.

Everytime I want to do something, I encounter this attitude.


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Whatcha wanna do?

Wanna join next year’s basketball league?

Wanna see a comedy show in Madison?

Dear professional who wants to work with me: wanna email me back because I emailed you four months ago and each month I’ve followed up with a polite request for you to email me back like a professional (and not like a teenage girl who’s not interested but doesn’t have the confidence to just say no?) I want to get moving on things. So, maybe let’s get moving? Or do you have a lot of “indifferencing” to be doing? Yeah. Probably that. Netflix + Angry Birds + Flappy Birds + Incognito Internet browsing will really amp up the meh-factor in your life.

Wanna go . . .?

Nah. They don’t. People are boring. People are dull. They don’t like weird. They like sameness. They don’t like risk. They like cat photos. They like Two and a Half Men. They like being told when to laugh, when you stop, go, and turn. They want security. They want to be great again . . . but they want someone else to do it for them.

SO when you ask, wanna go take a risk? Don’t be surprised when you get:

Meh. Bleh.

Did you like the movie?


Why didn’t you like it?

It was kind of, bleh, and meh, and the part with the guy who was all like, “Bah!” I was more like meh.

Instead of ranting at human beings, perhaps a speed-bag would suffice. I can’t keep kick-boxing the bumper of my Buick anymore. One day the bottom will fall off and I’ll be Flinstone-style getting to work everyday.

Yabba-dadda . . . meh.




“Hey, baby, you wanna hop in and get outta here?”

“Meh. No thanks. Netflix is streaming Fireplace for Your Home.”

“Okay. I am off to not go on an insane rampage.”


3 thoughts on “Meh

  1. Tyra says:

    I’d get in that sexy kid van. That thing has eyes. (Long as it is an adult driving)

    But I do agree that I find a lot of indifference around me. I don’t want to get into politics but there’s a location where in difference, apathy, and meh is the attitude because it is easier to watch YouTube videos and gaze at Netflix then it is to think or go out and do s***.

    It’s good to get the frustration out, rant a bit. But there are a lot of people that are real go getters and they enjoy doing new and interesting things. But unfortunately, they aren’t the mass majority of people.

    Let’s go see a show in Madison. And I didn’t like Hail Caesar cuz it was meh.


  2. Nicole says:

    This was pretty blah…

    I totally agree– get out of your comfort zone and give me a damn response! Stop looking at your phone, stop trying to SnapChat me having an actual conversation with you. Every time I travel I get pumped up to do literally everything I ever wanted to do! People need to go and do shit and realize that that there is other shit out there that’s amazing! I’m tired of dull, cold, dude bro and sorority girls in same-ol’ Oshkosh. But even though a new city will be exciting, what’s to say that won’t get dull in 5/15/25 years? That’s something I have been toying with. So that’s me being realistic and trying to be optimistic though.


  3. Ryan says:

    I just read an interview with Spike Jonze where he spent three years making Where the Wild Things Are, and someone wrote a review, and, basically, the review said, “It was okay. Just meh. Not great. Not bad. Middle of the road.” And Jonze just talked about how people so easily can dismiss things they put no effort into. It’s like with students when they come to classes. Teachers put a lot of work into things, but then the kids are always, meh? Is this it? These computers suck. I want a snow day. I want this, that.

    It’s always the people who do the least who complain the most and give the least feedback. Seems like that’s what most people are like. I guess it comes with the territory. We’re all consumers. That’s what we do. And as consumers, we have no clue how much work goes into anything, so it’s easy to say, meh.


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