Mind the Gap (out now, released 6/7/2016)

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Author D. W. Anderson knows there’s a gap between reality and his perception; he just forgets. So sometimes he jumps trampoline nets for cash, catches “the AIDS,” and collects underage drinking tickets. You’ve been there: building Slip ‘N Slides in the high school showers; being suspended for accidentally mooning the student teacher; telling your third-grade teacher to “Suck it”; announcing a “shit-off” between friends; and witnessing the slow death of a loved one.

Take a break from Twittergramming and drunk Amazon shopping. Sit back and laugh with (or at) a guy who always misses that last step down the stairs.

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Drunk in the Warm Glow (out now, released 4/24/2017. Creators Publishing)

You ever feel like you have no control? Like everything is without direction?

Then Tyler Linley and you have a few things in common.

College student Tyler Linley wants to disappear and escape the chaotic reality around him. Using a concoction of pills, alcohol, and movie marathons, Tyler tries to drift away from his anxiety-inducing realities. But it’s not easy when reality keeps pulling you back. Someone has to feed Toki the Cat. Someone needs to pay the drugdealer.

Tyler manages as long as he can retreat into The Santuary–his soundproof home theater where Hollywood fantasies become his reality. If only Tyler could control the world like a director. If only he could just disappear into the background, an extra . . .

After a brutal series of events deprives Tyler of every means of escape, he’s forced to face the fact that is, in fact, the director–but only of his own life.

Drunk in the Warm Glow explores what is means to have a family, to bathe in addiction, and to cope with the inescapable past.